The ‘Good Work’ of Vein Treatment

The ‘Good Work’ of Vein Treatment

“This has been life changing.”

These are the words of a patient named Peggy who was treated recently by our vein specialists at Artemis, and it is exactly words like these that reinforce our commitment to treating venous disease. Peggy suffered from varicosities and venous disease for 25 years. The symptoms, including pain, aching and swelling, had progressed slowly, finally reaching a point where she could not maintain her normal activity level. Her quality of life diminished, but because she had become accustomed to feeling poorly, she didn’t realize what a difference it would eventually make in her life to have her venous disease treated. Now that her treatment is complete, her legs have never felt better and she is back on her feet doing all the things she enjoys.

Artemis is proud to share other stories from patients who have benefitted from the vein care and treatment provided by our skilled doctors and medical team:


After having her second child, Joan suffered for years from bulging veins (or “varicose veins”) in her legs that caused aching and swelling. In addition to varicose veins, Joan had noticed the formation of networks of tiny blue and red “spider veins” that she considered unattractive. Joan had avoided treatment because she thought the procedures to treat these issues would be painful and require a lengthy recovery. With two children, she didn’t have time for that! She also thought treatment would be expensive and insurance wouldn’t cover the procedures. Because of these doubts, Joan put up with the limitations in her daily life caused by the leg pain and avoided wearing shorts, which made her uncomfortable during the summer. Over time though, her veins were getting worse. Coincidentally, Joan’s sister had her own varicose veins treated. After describing how easy the process was, she recommended it to Joan, who finally called Artemis.

Joan decided to have her varicose and spider veins treated, and is very happy with the look of her legs, as well as the drastic improvement she’s noticed in her past symptoms. After the procedures, she was back to chasing her kids around in no time and more comfortable wearing shorts. Her insurance covered the cost of the treatment.


Robert is a software engineer whose veins had suffered due to long hours working at a desk and a lengthy commute. After hours of sitting at work and in the car, his legs would swell and feel uncomfortable, which made him want to sit and relax at home in the evenings. Several months before he decided to seek treatment, he noticed changes in the color of the skin around his ankles and the formation of some varicose veins. Robert wanted to change his lifestyle and become more active, but he was concerned he was past the point where his own interventions could restore his health. Robert first called Artemis Colorado to discuss his symptoms after seeing an article about varicose veins and venous disease in Serenity, and then scheduled an in-person examination. After consulting with the doctor at Artemis, Robert decided to undergo a simple, almost painless procedure known as vein ablation and was soon able to begin a more active lifestyle and improve his overall health.

You can read more success stories from satisfied patients on the Artemis Colorado website. Though patients and their situations vary, one commonality is that the suffering caused by their venous disease could have been relieved sooner if they sought treatment earlier. Venous disease, when left untreated, often leads to a gradual worsening of symptoms such as aching, swelling, fatigue, skin color and sensation changes. Ulcerations or poor healing wounds around the ankles may occur with advanced disease. It is important to seek treatment early in order to avoid these severe symptoms. Fortunately, with today’s advanced technologies, treatment is highly effective and easier than ever, especially when a patient chooses an experienced and caring medical team.

A trustworthy vein center will take the time to explain all options to a patient in as much detail as necessary. The vein center should discuss all aspects of venous disease so the patient has complete understanding of the disease process as well as the treatment goals. Treatment should be personalized based on the unique situation of each patient. The goal in treating venous disease is to do what will provide the most benefit with the least intervention possible. This is the ethical approach to vein treatment prioritized by the team at Artemis. When medical intervention is deemed necessary, the doctor at Artemis uses the most advanced technology, the CoolTouch® laser, to deliver care and treatments that are effective, virtually pain-free, and which require little down time.

“Good work,” according to Howard Gardner, distinguished author and Harvard professor, is work that is of excellent quality, ethically pursued, engaging and enjoyable. In the treatment of venous disease the best practices achieve all these things. It makes treatment of venous disease a very rewarding medical endeavor, for both the patient and physician.

If you suffer from symptoms like those described in our patients’ stories, make time for your health and call Artemis Colorado – Vein & Cosmetic Center to find out more about the exceptional treatments we perform for our patients. On the phone we will discuss your symptoms and help you determine if an in-person examination should be the next step.