Have You Met Your Deductible?

Many patients wonder “When is the best time for treatment?” There isn’t really a right or wrong answer – when to begin treatment depends on an individual’s circumstances and preferences. For example, many people prefer not to start treatment in the summer because the first step is completing a three-month trial of a non-invasive intervention like compression stockings. This is completely understandable: compression stockings are usually nicer to wear in the cooler months because they provide an additional layer of warmth and can be hidden under pants.

However, temporary discomfort should be weighed against the level of ongoing suffering caused by painful and swollen legs. Beginning treatment sooner can greatly improve one’s quality of life. Another downside of waiting is that a patient may miss out on the opportunity to take advantage of their end-of-year insurance deductible.

With these considerations in mind, we recommend that patients first come to Artemis for an ultrasound so that we can determine what the best course of treatment will be. Then together we can form a plan that accounts for the patient’s schedule and preferences, and that optimizes insurance benefits. Our own calendar fills up quickly, which is another reason to initiate the treatment process early!

Beginning the treatment process now means that before the year is over you could be living without painful legs, and have eliminated spider and varicose veins. The best part is that improving your quality of life in these ways could cost you little to nothing thanks to your insurance benefits. Our knowledgeable staff can answer any of your insurance questions, and also discuss setting up a payment plan if it suits your needs. Give us a call and tell us about your symptoms, and we will help determine if they warrant coming in for a consultation and ultrasound.