Let Us Help You with Your Insurance!

Venous disease—with symptoms such as leg aching, swelling, and fatigue—is often covered by insurance. At Artemis Colorado, we take virtually all insurance but Medicaid. We are also “in network” for most insurances and are seeking to become “in network” for the rest.

Navigating insurance rules can be tricky. We typically get busy treating venous disease in the fall, as that’s when people have met their deductibles and want to move forward with medical procedures they may have put off.

With complex medical plans, out-of-pocket expenses can be difficult to calculate. We can provide an estimate of expenses before proceeding with any treatments. And because most insurance companies require a preauthorization for vein therapies, after an exam, we submit clinical data for review. The process typically takes 2 to 4 weeks. (The one exception is Medicare, which requires no preauthorization as long as medical need is demonstrated.)

Let us help you with the insurance hassle so you can get on with your health—and save money at the same time! More questions about this? Check out our payment option page or contact us! We do offer free consultations and then we can cover all your insurance questions.