Sweet Change

“This has been life changing.”

These are the words of a patient we treated recently for her venous disease. She has spent years with painful varicosities and as we complete her treatment, she feels like a new woman. Her husband of 25 years has never seen her not in compression stockings. Now, finally, she has not had to wear them and she feels great. We’re so happy for her!


This kind of result from our treatment is an incredibly rewarding experience not only for the patient but also for our care team. It is what we live for. We are so fortunate to have the opportunity to make such a positive impact on others’ lives and for that we are grateful.


Too many people wait too long to seek treatment for venous disease, suffering needlessly. Often that’s because symptoms tend to come on so gradually that people don’t note the difference day to day until finally there is a serious problem. That’s why we always offer a complimentary evaluation that includes a free ultrasound screening. We want every opportunity to make a positive and lasting change in people’s lives. If you think we can help you, give us a call!