Stop Varicose Veins From Bringing You Down: There’s a Quick and Painless Solution

If you suffer from the pain of varicose veins, there is a solution. We’ve seen great results from some of our past and current clients in the area of vein treatment.

I wanted to share a story from Joan, one of our patients. After having her second child, Joan suffered from ropey veins in her legs, also called “varicose veins,” that had caused aching legs and swelling for years. Joan had put off treatment because she thought the procedure was painful and bloody. She also thought that it would be costly and that her insurance wouldn’t cover the costs. Because of these doubts, Joan had chosen to just put up with the leg pain and avoided wearing shorts due to the cosmetic discoloration on her legs. Going swimming with her kids became an activity she dreaded, and the pain was limiting her in her daily life. Over the years, her veins became worse. In the meantime, Joan’s sister had her own varicose veins removed. After describing how easy the process was, she recommended it to Joan, who finally came into our Artemis offices for a free consultation.

It continues to surprise me how many people and even doctors believe that vein removal is a painful and difficult process. Oftentimes, this type of thinking stems from an assumption of vein removal as involving vein stripping. However, over the last 10 years, advancements in vein treatment have radically changed the game. Since vein problems get progressively worse, addressing the vein condition at its earliest stage is always the best way to eliminate the problem.

My office partner, Dr. Pinsinski, and I, are both board certified with advanced training at the Artemis Institute. At our Artemis clinic in Westminster, Colorado, we use only the most sophisticated ultrasound and laser equipment for minimally invasive procedures to treat venous diseases. Most treatments start by removing the vein that feeds the varicosities. The feeding vein that lies just beneath the surface is identified by ultrasound, and a laser fiber is passed directly into the vein. The laser is activated and slowly withdrawn while local anesthesia makes the procedure totally painless. Results are both predictable and effective, producing great results! Complications are very rare. The remaining ropey veins that remain at the surface following the procedure are safely removed with a series of tiny skin incisions. Each leg is treated during a separate visit. The total procedure only takes a few minutes, and normal activity can be resumed immediately afterwards. Bruising from the procedure is minimal, and compression stockings are typically worn for two additional weeks.

Joan ended up following through with our varicose vein treatment, and is very happy with the look of her legs, as well as the drastic improvement she’s noticed concerning her past symptoms. She is back to wearing shorts, and her insurance covered the cost of the procedure, which was an added benefit.

I cannot emphasize enough that vein problems can get worse if not taken care of at the first sign of pain, so don’t delay! At Artemis, we take calls 24 hours a day, and our consultations are always free. If you are hesitant about getting vein treatment, we are happy to address your concerns and answer any additional questions you may have. Don’t let your fears about vein procedures keep you from having beautiful legs! Give us a call today.

-Andrew Mapes, MD

Artemis Medical Group
Conifer Vein Clinic
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