Treat Symptoms for Optimal Health

Treat Symptoms for Optimal Health

Symptoms warn us that something in the body needs attention. Artemis Colorado shares the following stories to encourage you to listen to your symptoms and seek treatment early.

After having her second child, Joan suffered from varicose veins in her legs that caused aching and swelling. She also noticed the formation of tiny blue and red “spider veins” that she considered unattractive. Because she thought the procedures to treat these issues would be painful, costly, and require a lengthy recovery, she avoided treatment. Coincidentally, Joan’s sister had her own veins treated and recommended the procedure to Joan, who finally called Artemis.

After her vein treatment, Joan was back to chasing her kids around in no time. She is very happy with the look of her legs, as well as the dramatic improvement in her symptoms. Her insurance covered the cost of the procedures.

Robert is an engineer whose veins had suffered due to long hours working at a desk and a lengthy commute. After sitting so much, his legs would swell and feel uncomfortable, which only made him want to sit at home in the evenings. Several months before he sought treatment, he noticed changes in the color of the skin around his ankles and the formation of varicose veins. Robert wanted to begin a more active lifestyle, but he didn’t think that he could restore his health on his own. Robert called Artemis to discuss his symptoms and then decided to undergo a simple, almost painless procedure known as vein ablation. After treatment he felt motivated to improve his overall health.

You can read more patient success stories on our testimonial page.  Though patients and their situations vary, one commonality is that suffering caused by venous disease can be relieved sooner if treatment is sought earlier. Untreated venous disease often leads to worsening symptoms such as aching, swelling, fatigue, skin color and sensation changes. Ulcerations or poorly healing wounds around the ankles may occur with advanced disease. Explore treatment options earlier to avoid these severe symptoms. With today’s advanced technologies, treatment is highly effective and easier than ever.

If you suffer from symptoms like those described in our patients’ stories, make time for your health and call Artemis Colorado – Vein & Cosmetic Center to find out more about the exceptional treatments we perform for our patients. On the phone we will discuss your symptoms and help you determine if an in-person examination should be the next step.