Skin conditions affect women and men from all walks of life. Whether you have wrinkles, acne scars or any of a dozen other issues, your skin problem does not need to be a permanent condition.

Artemis Colorado Vein & Cosmetic Center offers a variety of aesthetic treatments to address a wide range of cosmetic needs, from crow’s feet to unsightly spider veins. To learn how we can help you, call us today at 303-955-8314 for an initial consultation. Our Westminster office provides vein and aesthetic services to patients from across Colorado’s Front Range, including Broomfield and Louisville. Offering only vein treatments, our Conifer location serves a number of mountain communities including Evergreen.

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Acne and Acne Scars

Professional acne treatments can clear your skin and free you of acne faster than with just products alone. We will tailor your acne treatment to meet your unique condition and needs. If you suffer from the embarrassment of acne and the scars that result from the condition, we can help with the following acne scarring treatments:

  • Chemical peel: To effectively reduce the appearance of scarring and blemishes, chemical peels gently remove the damaged outer layer of skin.
  • Microneedling: The microneedling process involves the creation of microscopic punctures in the skin that trigger your body’s natural healing response, resulting in new collagen and elastin production and smoother, healthier-looking skin. We do offer microneedling using the Skinpen and VirtueRF Microneedling.
  • Laser treatment: Our Luxea laser provides optimized cooling for improved comfort and greater safety and is ideal for acne treatments.

Age or Sun Spots

Sun exposure over the years often results in a person developing dark, flat spots on the skin known as age spots or sun spots. The spots appear on areas of the body that tend to receive more sun exposure like the hands, shoulders and face. While typically harmless, many patients choose a treatment that lightens or eliminates the spots for aesthetic reasons.

  • Laser Treatment: Our Luxea laser can reduce or eliminate age spots and also treat other skin issues including benign pigmented lesions, rosacea and vascular conditions. Read more on our IPL/Age & Sun Spots Removal page.

Crow’s Feet

Crow’s feet, the wrinkles etched in the corners of the eyes, are often very pronounced on the skin. As you age, the skin around your eyes loses its elasticity and natural oils, making them more prone to wrinkles. We proudly offer a number of treatment options to address these unwanted signs of aging, including:

  • BOTOX® Cosmetic: Injections of BOTOX® Cosmetic can diminish the appearance of laugh lines and rejuvenate your facial appearance by temporarily paralyzing the muscles in the targeted area.
  • Microneedling: Also a great way to combat crow’s feet, microneedling diminishes the appearance of crow’s feet with naturally-produced collagen and elastin in your skin by triggering your body’s own repair system. We do offer microneedling using the Skinpen and VirtueRF Microneedling.

Double Chin

It can be frustrating when, despite all of your best nutrition and exercise habits, you still live with a double chin. Whether due to heredity or the lingering effects of weight loss, double chins can double your self-consciousness. Fortunately, we offer an effective, non-surgical solution to melt away the stubborn fat that causes double chins:

  • Kybella: Currently the only cosmetic injectable that is approved by the FDA for the treatment of double chins, Kybella destroys fat cells beneath the chin to create an improved profile.

Facial Volume Loss

As we age, the cheek area can lose volume, causing the cheeks to flatten and the skin to droop and sag. While this common and unfortunate loss of facial volume can cause people to appear older and affect their self-esteem, dermal fillers can effectively treat facial volume loss and restore youthful beauty. To treat facial volume loss, we offer:

  • Juvederm Voluma: Commonly used to treat mid-facial volume loss, Juvederm Voluma effectively re-inflates and re-contours the face with natural-looking volume restoration.
  • Juvederm Ultra XC can be used virtually anywhere and is great for smoothing wrinkles and folds while also delivering nutrients and hydrating the skin.
  • Juvederm Ultra Plus is a slightly thicker formula better suited for deeper facial wrinkles and folds.
  • Juvederm Vobella is a more subtle approach to defining lips and smoothing fine lines around the mouth and eyes for a natural look
  • Juvederm Vollure can correct deep facial wrinkles without restricting facial movement. It also lasts much longer than other filler brands.

Large Pores

You need your pores; they allow oil and sweat to reach the surface of your skin. However, for many patients, enlarged pores can be a source of embarrassment. While you can’t make pores disappear, Artemis Colorado Vein & Cosmetic Center can help them look smaller and improve their appearance with the following treatments:

  • Chemical peel: This treatment reduces the appearance of scarring and blemishes by gently removing the damaged outer layer of skin.
  • Microneedling: This process involves the creation of “micro wounds” in the skin that encourage your body’s natural healing response. This process creates new collagen and elastin production which results in smooth, healthy-looking skin. Artemis offers Microneedling using Skinpen or VirtueRF Microneedling.

Laugh Lines

Laugh lines, or nasolabial folds, refer to the folds that run from the side of your mouth to the side of your nose. These facial folds are linked to deeper tissues that descend as you grow older and often appear with the natural age-related loss of elasticity in the skin and soft tissues. We offer a variety of treatment options for laugh lines and will work with you to determine which option is best for you. Our laugh lines treatment options include:

  • Juvederm: Known for its ability to add volume to facial folds and creases, Juvederm effectively fills out wrinkles and laugh lines around the nose and mouth. For more information, go to our Dermal Filler page.
  • Microneedling: Injectables aren’t the only solution to smile lines; in cases of mostly superficial lines, microneedling may provide great results. Artemis offers Microneedling using Skinpen or VirtueRF Microneedling.

Leg and Spider Veins

Treating spider veins and varicose veins are at the heart of our practice. If you struggle with unsightly leg veins, board-certified physician Dr. David Pinsinski offers the most advanced and effective vein treatment options available today. Call us today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Pinsinski and start your journey toward beautiful, healthy-looking legs.

Marionette Lines

Named after the split-jaw appearance of marionette puppets, marionette lines refer to the creases that develop over time along the corners of the mouth to the outer corners of the chin. We can address these unwelcome signs of aging with the following treatments:

  • BOTOX® Cosmetic: This neuromodulator temporarily blocks the nerve signals responsible for the muscle movements that cause marionette lines.
  • Juvederm: As a dermal filler, Juvederm’s special formula reduces the appearance of marionette lines by filling in lost volume along the creases.
  • Microneedling: The pinpoint wounds created by the microneedling process create new collagen and elastin production in your body and can help you achieve a revitalized appearance. Artemis offers Microneedling using Skinpen or VirtueRF Microneedling.
  • Chemical peels: This treatment option can deeply exfoliate the skin and stimulate cell turnover, revealing a fresh, youthful complexion.


Injuries, surgeries and other trauma can leave long-lasting marks on your skin. Even scars that can be hidden beneath clothing can still be uncomfortable or embarrassing in intimate situations. Depending on the type and severity of your scar, we may be able to help with the following treatment:

  • Microneedling: By creating micro-punctures in the skin, microneedling jumpstarts the skin’s natural healing mechanism to create new collagen and elastin. This can improve the appearance of certain scars.

Stretch Marks

Stretch marks can develop for a variety of reasons, including pregnancy, weight gain and weight loss. Stretch marks are caused by a breakdown of collagen in the skin. If you struggle with the appearance of stretch marks, contact Artemis Colorado Vein & Cosmetic Center to discuss treatment with:

  • Microneedling: Microneedling not only helps diminish the appearance of surgical and injury scars, the procedure can also improve the appearance of stretch marks by encouraging the production of new collagen and elastin. Artemis offers Microneedling using Skinpen or VirtueRF Microneedling.

Thin Lips

Flat, thin lips are among the hallmarks of the aging process. If you would like to have full, plump lips, our team can help with one of the industry’s leading non-surgical lip enhancement treatments:

  • Juvederm Volbella: Approved by the FDA for lip enhancement, Juvederm Volbella can give you the plump, luscious lips you desire to look your best and feel confident. Read more on our Dermal Fillers page.

Unwanted Hair

A patient may desire long-lasting hair removal for aesthetic reasons or because it saves them the time and hassle of ongoing maintenance. Whatever your reason, Artemis offers painless hair removal from essentially any area of the body.

  • Laser Treatment: Luxea is one of the most advanced lasers in the aesthetics industry and offers patients safe, painless and effective laser hair removal. Read more on our Laser Hair Removal page.
  • Waxing: Our waxing services remove hair from most body areas.

Wrinkles and Fine Lines

Modern advances in the cosmetic industry have led to an unprecedented ability for experienced specialists to turn back the hands of time and address an array of wrinkles and fine lines. Artemis Colorado Vein & Cosmetic Center is committed to staying at the forefront of our field to provide our patients with the most proven, effective aesthetic services available. We can treat a variety of wrinkles with:

  • BOTOX® Cosmetic: By blocking the signals that trigger muscle movements and create “dynamic” wrinkles (wrinkles formed by repetitive muscle movements such as smiling and frowning) BOTOX® Cosmetic is an industry leader in minimizing the signs of aging.
  • Juvederm: Made by Allergan, the creators of BOTOX® Cosmetic, Juvederm harnesses the power of hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring material, to fill in facial wrinkles, lines and creases. Read more on our Dermal Fillers page.
  • Chemical peel: Proven safe and effective, chemical peels work by gently removing damaged skin to reveal a youthful-looking appearance.
  • Microneedling: This advanced skin rejuvenation technique utilizes your skin’s natural healing process to soften wrinkles and create a smooth, glowing complexion. Artemis offers Microneedling using Skinpen or VirtueRF Microneedling.

If you live in or around Broomfield, Louisville or other nearby community and would like to address one of the cosmetic issue discussed on this page, please schedule a free facial assessment today at our Westminster office by completing the form on this page or calling 303-955-8314. We look forward to meeting you! Our Conifer location only offers vein treatments, serving Evergreen and many other mountain communities.

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