Vampire FaceLift®: Your Beauty Revived™

The Vampire FaceLift® combines the science of hyaluronic acid fillers (i.e., Restylane® and Juvederm®) with unipotent stem cells in a custom designed procedure that leaves you looking more youthful. Consequently, it lasts loner than traditional procedures. No incisions are made in the process making recovery much faster and easier.

As far back as Leonardo da Vinci up until the present day, physicians, scientists and artists have worked to define what shapes, contours and proportions make a face more beautiful.

The challenge becomes how to take a face and bring out that which is beautiful, without creating a shape that appears unnatural. In the art and science of pure beauty, millimeters are miles.

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Artemis Colorado Vein & Cosmetic Center employs the ideas of artists and scientists who have deeply studied beauty when considering where and how much filler and growth factor to apply.

The Vampire FaceLift® and Facial have become the procedures-of-choice for the Hollywood elite. Kim Kardashian recently devoted a TV episode to her procedure and this year’s Oscars included it in the famous Oscar Nominee Gift Basket.

In the News: $1,500 Buys a Kim Kardashian Vampire Facial®