Welcome our new team member: Kelli Weaver, RN

Welcome our new team member: Kelli Weaver, RN

5 months ago

We are so pleased to introduce our newest team member, Kelli Weaver! Kelli is a registered nurse and licensed cosmetologist with over 20 years experience personalizing skin care and aesthetic treatments for patients’ unique needs.

When asked what is her favorite part of working with cosmetic patients, she explains,

There is nothing more rewarding than knowing I’ve helped someone have more confidence in feeling and looking their best.

To celebrate Kelli joining us at Artemis, we’re offering 20% off dermal fillers. The best thing about dermal fillers is that their enhancements are typically long lasting – if you receive treatment this month, you could potentially enjoy the benefits all the way through 2019! Now is a great time to arrange a free consultation with Kelli and freshen up your appearance as we head into the holiday season and new year.

Currently, Kelli is available only on Wednesdays, so call soon to schedule an appointment! We are also extending our November 10% off dermal filler promotion if patients wish to work with Dr. Pinsinski.*

*Both offers expire 12/31/18