Kybella®: A Non-Surgical Way to Get Rid of a Double Chin

close up of a person's chin

We think babies with little “double chins” are cute, but this facial feature becomes less desirable as we age. A double chin is simply a layer of fat that forms underneath the chin. It may be caused by several factors, including weight gain or loss, genetics, or aging. (Everything seems to start drooping as we get older!)

Previous Methods of Treating Double Chin

Once, the standard treatment for getting rid of a double chin was liposuction, a minor surgical procedure that involves physically removing the fat cells under the chin. This is still a viable option, but fortunately there is a non-surgical procedure called Kybella.

How Does Kybella Work?

Kybella is an injectable made of deoxycholic acid, a naturally occurring molecule in the body. After it’s injected into the double chin area, the deoxycholic acid destroys the fat cells and the body’s natural processes remove them. It sounds fairly simple, and it really is!

Patients will typically require two to three treatments (and more in some cases), as the deoxycholic acid takes time to do its thing. Patients should expect some swelling after each treatment, and we’ll schedule sessions about a month apart to give you time to heal between each visit.

The best part about Kybella is that once it eliminates the fat cells they are gone! This is a long-lasting or permanent solution for your double chin woes. Men are also big fans of this procedure because it also sharpens the jawline.

Call Us To Find Out if Kybella is Right for You

If you’re interested in eliminating your double chin or and having a more defined jawline, then call Artemis Colorado to schedule an appointment with me for a free facial assessment. I will explain the Kybella procedure at more length and answer any questions that you have. I want all of my patients to feel comfortable and confident in their treatment choices. And, if you are interested in additional aesthetic enhancement options, we can discuss other possibilities based on your unique situation and goals.