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Our cheeks, lips, and other areas of the face naturally begin to lose volume as we age, which can lead to wrinkles and other undesirable features. Your face is the first thing people notice about you, so it is understandable that you may want to combat these signs of aging. Dermal fillers in Westminster are a popular facial rejuvenation treatment performed on people seeking a more youthful look.

Dermal fillers are injections of gel-like substances that restore lost volume while encouraging your body to enhance your youthful features naturally. While other injectables such as BOTOX® treat dynamic wrinkles like crow’s feet and frown lines, dermal fillers are effective on static wrinkles. Static wrinkles are not movement-related and need to be plumped using a volumizer.

At Artemis Aesthetic Center, we take a patient-centered approach to helping you achieve your desired look. Our founder, board-certified physician Dr. Pinsinski, will walk you through your options and help you understand every aspect of the procedure before we begin.

Are You a Good Candidate for Dermal Fillers?

If you feel that your cheeks are not as plump as they used to be, notice a more prominent jowl, find that your lips have thinned, or see fine lines and wrinkles developing around your mouth, dermal fillers may be a great way to restore a youthful look to your face. Some of the specific cosmetic issues our team could help you address with dermal fillers include:

  • Nasolabial folds—the wrinkles that run from the sides of the nose to the corners of the mouth
  • Marionette lines—creases that form from the corners of the mouth down to the chin
  • Asymmetry between both sides of the face
  • Thinning lips
  • Vertical lines around the lips
  • Jowl and pre-jowl areas

If you are dealing with any of these issues and are in good health, you are likely a good candidate for dermal fillers. Dr. Pinsinski or our esthetician will discuss your aesthetic concerns and medical history to determine whether dermal fillers are right for you.

How Dermal Fillers Work

Dermal fillers are classified by the components that make them effective. Certain dermal fillers work better to target specific areas of concern. At Artemis Vein & Aesthetic Center, we offer the Juvéderm®-line of fillers.  These fillers are manufactured from Allergan, the makers of BOTOX®.


Juvéderm® are popular fillers that use hyaluronic acid (HA). It is especially effective in adding volume to your cheeks, filling out wrinkles around your mouth and nose, and enhancing your lips. You will be able to see the results from these treatments immediately. Depending on the filler, the increased volume in your face will last about one year or longer before your body naturally absorbs the filler.

We offer the Juvéderm® line of fillers including:

  • Juvéderm® Voluma
  • Juvéderm® Voluma Ultra XC
  • Juvéderm® Volbella

Dr. Pinsinski and the entire aesthetic team are dedicated to helping you choose the best dermal filler for you and your goals.

Call Us to Discuss the Different Dermal Fillers in Westminster

Sorting through the different dermal fillers in Westminster can be daunting on your own. Allow us to help you determine what is right for you. The Artemis team has the knowledge, training, and skill to help you achieve natural-looking results. Set up a free skin consultation with Dr. Pinsinski today.

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If you require vein or aesthetic treatments, contact Artemis Vein & Aesthetic Center today online or at (720) 664-5831 and one of our team members will gladly assist you in scheduling an appointment or consultation. We proudly serve the Westminster, Broomfield and Louisville areas of Colorado.

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