“I have had an incredible experience with Artemis Colorado. When I went in I had no idea how much help I needed. The staff has worked tirelessly to make sure I had the right treatment at the right time. Thank you for your efforts and I plan on continuing all of my treatments with you!”*

“I would definitely recommend the Artemis clinic.  All the staff were knowledgeable about the vein procedures, and the price was better than other clinics I had consulted. I had two vein procedures performed, and both worked out well.”*

“Due to four-wheeling for ten hours a day as a research geologist for years and then suffering a very bad hamstring tear water skiing, I developed varicose veins. I sort of managed the aching through exercise, but my doctor told me the veins would only get worse and that he just had his legs done by Dave Pinsinski. My experience with Dave and his wonderful assistant Diane was a pleasure. (The whole experience is worth it just meeting Diane). I actually had fun and was in awe of them. As a scientist I asked many, many questions and concluded that they are at the leading edge technologically. They also asked me many questions, which to me is critically important in the development of an accurate diagnosis--most doctors don't have the time to do this. I had virtually no pain during the five sessions on both legs. I believe that was due to their skill and experience. The ham string damaged leg had a large varicose vein from my foot to my groin! (By the way, be very careful water skiing if you are over 35). The results were 100% successful--no more aching and my legs look amazing (20 years younger), although that wasn't the primary reason I had the procedure. My skin is even looking younger, thickening back to normal.” -Monte S.

“I have nothing but praise for Dr. Pinsinski . They are not only very knowledgeable but extremely caring. I know that they have my best interests in mind and truly care about me. I no longer have the pain in my leg and they made my legs look good enough to even wear shorts again! This team has my complete trust and I know they take excellent care of me as well as truthfully answer any questions. They put my fears to rest. They are like family! We are extremely lucky in the Conifer community to be served by Dr. Pinsinski. He is a top professional.”*

“Dr. Pinsinski

Thank you for all your “work” on me the past year! (that long??) Your were always very professional and took great care of your patient! I appreciated the sense of humor as well!

Thanks again! See you in a year! (gasp!)

Always dancing (with new and improved legs)!”*

“My legs have been aching for years and I didn’t realize that there was anything that could be done about it. Man, was I wrong. I met the team at Artemis and was immediately put at ease. Dr. Pinsinski and his team are absolutely wonderful to work with. They thoroughly explained the treatment available and took the time to answer all of my questions. I have completed the ablation treatment on the veins in my legs and the relief is amazing! I am so very happy with my results and working with Artemis couldn’t have been more funYou can’t go wrong with this team they are awesome!“*

“Prior to my vein procedure I was always wondering why my legs were restless, ached all the time, and felt fatigued no matter the activity I was doing. I was always looking for a place to sit down and felt very limited in my activity level. Since my vein procedure, my symptoms are gone, I can stand or walk all day and my feet do not get very cold like they used to. The vein procedure is one of the best things I have done for my overall health and activity level. I would highly recommend having the procedure as I now feel rejuvenated and 20 years younger, as well as being back to the active person I like to be!”*

“I can't say enough about Dr. Pinsinski, Gene and Lisa. Life changing results for me! In 1998 I developed a deep vein thrombosis in left leg and through the years, leg became literally black and red, swelling (which led to the skin breaking open causing painful trips to have the debridement 2-3 times a week). I often wanted my leg to just be removed because of the pain. Finally in 2017 I was given a referral to Artemis and Dr. Pinsinski. Due to the treatments by Dr. Pinsinski, I have a new hope. I feel so much better, like a ton of bricks have been removed from my leg. I have become more mobile. The color of my leg is changing, my skin feels more like skin and less like shoe leather, the swelling has gone down and I can move again. It's a whole new world - thank you to the Artemis Center in Conifer! I am so thankful!!! ” -Nancy Rust

“I highly recommend Artemis. I recently had varicose veins treated. The procedure had minimal discomfort. I have dealt with all of the staff to varying degrees and found them to be highly competent and professional. All questions were addressed and calls returned promptly. Dr Pinsinski was pleasant to deal with and sensitive to any discomfort you might experience. the technician assisting with the procedure thought of every question you might have after completing the visit. Both went above and beyond to ensure a successful outcome and your complete satisfaction.”*

“I can’t thank you enough for the wonderful care and kindness you gave to me through my leg procedures. My legs haven’t felt or looked this good for a long time. My daughter said “Mom, you look great, now you can wear shorts!”. Thanks again for everything, your “happy patient”.*

“My experience with Artemis has been amazing. I have suffered with varicose veins for the greater part of my life. I hated how my leg looked, to the point where I refused to wear shorts in the summertime. I never realized that laser treatment was an option until I met with Dr’s Pinsinski and Mapes. A few words that sum up these two are intelligent, professional, enthusiastic and caring. From our initial meeting, throughout the procedure and follow up visits, I felt comfortable that I made the right decision. The procedure was a huge success and my leg looks awesome! My only regret is that I waited so long to have this done.

Because of the confidence I have in Artemis, I recently had the ‘Vampire FaceLift®’ performed. Being somewhat of a chicken, I was a little nervous that there would be pain involved. I was completely wrong. The entire procedure was quick, pain free and the results are very natural. I see improvement every day I look in the mirror. I’m so pleased with the outcome of both my procedures. I would highly recommend Artemis in Conifer to anyone who wants to look and feel better about themselves.”*

“Whether you require the services of Artemis for medical reasons – as I did – or for cosmetic reasons, you can find no better team for treatment of varicose veins than that of David Pinsinski, MD and RVT. They demonstrate so many of the traits that are critical to putting a patient at ease:

• They are forthcoming with information
• They explain each procedure in advance
• They are empathetic listeners
• They have a wonderful sense of humor – so essential for procedures that can take an hour or more
• They follow up the same day and the next day to check on a patient’s progress

Any apprehensions I had about beginning the series of treatments were dispelled during the preliminary diagnostic. And the results – both medically and cosmetically – are far beyond my expectations.”*

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