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Vein Treatment FAQs


Recurrence may happen following vein treatments. You will be counseled on the recurrent nature of venous disease. Should you have a recurrence, we will re-evaluate your signs and symptoms to determine the cause and treat the problem.

Most insurances will cover the laser ablation procedure. At Artemis, we will submit your case to your insurance for coverage. Our billing staff can assist you with any questions you may have regarding payment.

If you have taken the mild sedative prior to the procedure, then a driver is mandatory. Otherwise, you may drive yourself home.

There are many other veins within the legs to return blood to the heart. Since the diseased vein has been ablated, blood will naturally find other veins to continue the cycle of venous return.

The laser ablation procedure uses state-of-the-art technology to identify and treat the diseased vein. This procedure is performed thousands of times each year in the United States and the safety profile is impeccable.

The key to a successful procedure is to continue performing your normal activity. Normal activity includes activities such as walking, driving, cooking, running errands, etc. We want you performing normal activity during the first week following the procedure, including the first evening. We want you to avoid strenuous activity such as skiing, marathons, long cycling rides for 1-2 weeks. You may return to work the next day.

The first night following the laser ablation procedure you may experience soreness in the vein that was ablated. This is normal and the level of soreness varies from patient to patient. The majority of patients require only a mild anti-inflammatory or analgesic such as Ibuprofen or acetaminophen for 1-2 days. Your leg will be wrapped for 24 hours after the procedure. Once the wraps are removed you will need to wear compression stockings for 7 days. For the first 48 hours after the procedure, avoid any strenuous activity. Mild to moderate bruising is commonly seen which is normal for the procedure. A small amount of bleeding may occur which can easily be stopped by mild pressure at the site. We schedule a post-op visit within 7 days of your procedure to ensure you are healing well.