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Varicose veins result from faulty vein function and lead to disrupted blood flow and a noticeable appearance on the legs. A phlebectomy in Westminster is a surgical procedure for removing varicose veins and restoring healthy blood flow in your legs. The surgery removes varicose veins in a minimally invasive way, allowing for a quick recovery.

Since the procedure completely removes your diseased veins, you should notice an immediate reduction in your symptoms. The results of this treatment are permanent, and there is no risk of scarring afterward, making it an ideal medical vein treatment. Consider reaching out to Dr. Pinsinski and our team if you are eager to eliminate your varicose veins, reduce symptoms, and restore blood flow.

Phlebectomy Procedure and Recovery Timeline

A phlebectomy is a surgical procedure to remove varicose veins that lay beneath the skin of the legs. Through this treatment, Dr. Pinsinski surgically removes the varicose veins within your legs to direct blood flow to nearby, healthier veins and reduce any accompanying symptoms.

The surgery requires the use of a tiny hook to remove your damaged veins through minor incisions that do not require stitches afterward. Using local anesthesia during the procedure reduces physical discomfort and some surgical risks.

After a phlebectomy, you must wear graduated compression stockings for three to four days. However, it is safe to return to daily activities 24 hours after the procedure. Rigorous activities, such as exercise, are safe to resume after 48 hours of recovery. Full recovery after a phlebectomy could take up to one weeks, depending on the number of varicose veins removed.

Results of a Phlebectomy Surgery

The primary objective of a phlebectomy procedure is to remove varicose veins underneath the skin of the legs. Once your varicose veins are gone, side effects of venous disease such as skin discoloration, swelling, aching, and discomfort immediately diminish. A phlebectomy entirely and permanently removes varicose veins, but it is important to note that new varicose vein formation could occur.

The procedure allows blood to flow to healthier veins once varicose veins are gone, resulting in significantly improved functioning of the legs. Further, since varicose veins lay just beneath the skin, the leg’s skin tone is more even. After surgery, you could prevent new varicose vein formation by wearing compression stockings, exercising regularly, and losing weight.

Reasons to Undergo a Phlebectomy Procedure

Many phlebectomy patients undergo the procedure for cosmetic reasons. Varicose veins typically bulge and become highly visible underneath the skin, which can make you feel the need to hide your legs. However, after surgery, most patients feel substantially more confident in the appearance of their legs.

In addition to cosmetic motivations, varicose veins may cause significant discomfort. For instance, the unhealthy veins could result in persistent aching and pain in the legs that limits your physical abilities. In this case, phlebectomy surgery is the best step towards relieving the adverse physical effects of varicose veins.

Reach Out to Artemis Vein Center—Westminster Office to Learn More About the Phlebectomy Procedure

A phlebectomy in Westminster is a permanent treatment option for removing your varicose veins and relieving symptoms of venous disease. Before choosing to undergo this surgical procedure, it is important to speak with a medical professional about your health background and treatment options. Give us a call today to get started with a free vein screening.

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