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You do not always realize how much work your legs do for you until they start causing problems. They carry your weight everywhere you go, and you never give it a second thought. However, when varicose veins, or other vein diseases, start affecting your daily life, you notice. In addition to being aesthetically unappealing, varicose veins can cause pain, fatigue, and swelling that can interrupt your everyday life.

There are both surgical and non-surgical methods for managing these troublesome veins. Artemis Vein Center offers a range of treatment options from compression stockings, laser treatments, and even surgery. Fortunately, many issues associated with veins improve with a conservative approach. Consider meeting with board-certified physician Dr. Pinsinski at our Westminster office to discuss the use of compression stockings as a vein treatment and get a proper fitting for a medical-grade pair.

What Are Varicose Veins

Varicose veins are a common and usually benign issue, but they can lead to blood clots or persistent lower limb swelling. They are caused by increased blood pressure in the superficial veins closest to the skin’s surface, resulting in vein enlargement. After a thorough evaluation, we may find no medical cause for concern. Signs of venous disease are often limited to only a visual display of purple or bulging veins, which may be an aesthetic concern for some.

If symptoms are present, you may experience pain at the vein site, itching, burning, lower limb swelling, or leg fatigue. Varicose veins can be found anywhere on the body but are usually limited to the legs. You may benefit from a comprehensive exam to determine the best course of action for your symptoms. However, for many, compression stockings are often a simple and effective way to manage the treatment of this vein condition.

Types of Compression Stockings to Treat Vein Conditions

There are multiple types of compression stockings used for vein treatment. Depending on the diagnosis, you may need a simple compression stocking, embolism stocking, or medical-grade compression stocking. Meeting with a trained specialist is necessary to determine the correct type for you. Compression stockings are a great first-line defense for varicose vein treatments.

Causes and Prevention

Some risk factors for vein issues are unavoidable. For example, women and seniors are at increased risk for varicose veins. Leg injuries, hormonal birth control, and pregnancy can also contribute to the development of venous disease.

However, there are other risk factors that you may have more control over. Being active, maintaining a healthy weight, and refraining from smoking can reduce the risk of varicose veins. Additionally, preemptive compression stockings can benefit patients who foresee a risk factor like pregnancy. Our medical team can support you during disease prevention and vein treatment.

Contact Artemis Vein Center—Westminster Office to Learn More About Compression Stockings

Compression stockings are the go-to treatment for many vein diseases because they are inexpensive, effective, and low risk. They are an easy way to improve symptoms without costly procedures or extended recovery periods. Meet with our team to determine if this treatment method approach is right for you.

Dr. Pinsinski can provide a complete exam and tailor a treatment plan for your veins that includes compression stockings. We can also recommend the correct type of compression stockings and take precise measurements to ensure you get the best fit. Contact us to learn more.

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If you require vein or aesthetic treatments, contact Artemis Vein & Aesthetic Center today online or at (720) 664-5831 and one of our team members will gladly assist you in scheduling an appointment or consultation. We proudly serve the Westminster, Broomfield and Louisville areas of Colorado.

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