Difference Between Shaving and Laser Hair Removal

Many men and women remove unwanted body hair as part of their self-care routines. Although traditional shaving with razors is the most popular hair elimination method, many are turning to laser hair removal for more permanent results. When deciding the best option for reducing hair on any part of your body, it is important to understand the difference between shaving and laser hair removal.

Shaving is a cheaper and more accessible method of body hair removal, but it requires more time and consideration. Laser hair removal treatments are more effective than shaving but may not be ideal for every person and lifestyle. If you are considering your options for removing unwanted hair, get in touch with our office to learn more.

Eliminating Hair through Shaving vs. Laser Treatments

Reusable or disposable razors skim across the skin’s surface to cut off unwanted hair strands. Though shaving does eliminate visible unwanted hair, it does not remove the portion of hair growth below the skin’s surface. Instead, shaving removes hair on and above the skin’s surface, resulting in quicker and thicker hair regrowth for many individuals.

Alternatively, laser hair removal treatments use laser energy to target and damage follicle cells at the source of hair growth. Afterward, hair follicles can no longer support new growth, resulting in a visible reduction in body hair. However, depending on the thickness, pigmentation, and location of body hair, laser hair removal may not be effective for everyone.

Since shaving does not affect the hair strand roots or follicle cells, new growth begins immediately and is visible within a few days for most individuals. On the other hand, laser hair removal substantially reduces new hair growth and, after several sessions, may stop hair growth entirely. Ultimately, the main difference between laser treatments and shaving is the effectiveness and permanency of hair removal.

Who Should Consider Laser Hair Removal?

For many adults, shaving is an effective and convenient method for removing unwanted body hair. However, some may struggle with shaving difficulties that are painful and embarrassing, such as razor burn and ingrown hairs. Those with more sensitive skin may also develop permanent scars from the side effects of shaving.

In these cases, laser hair removal may be a better option to reduce the adverse side effects of shaving. Although laser hair removal treatments are more costly and may cause slight discomfort during the procedure, the results are significantly longer lasting. Laser treatments also avoid the skin irritation caused by shaving, achieving smoother results. This is an excellent option for individuals who want to reduce their shaving frequency or eliminate the need to shave altogether.

Discuss the Benefits of Shaving vs. Laser Hair Removal with Our Team

Shaving is a standard and effective hair removal choice for many people, but it can have detrimental side effects for those with sensitive skin. Many people are choosing laser hair removal for longer-lasting, more flawless results. There are key differences between shaving and laser hair removal, as the methods address hair at different growth points. Shaving removes hair from above the skin’s surface, while laser removal focuses on eliminating the hair follicle cells to prevent new growth.

However, some laser hair removal treatments may be more suitable for certain patients, depending on hair color and skin tone. Schedule a consultation with the team at Artemis Vein & Aesthetic Center to discuss which method may best suit your needs.