The Advantages of Waxing and Luxea Laser Hair Removal

diagram showing the process of laser hair removal in Westminster

Shaving gets old. It’s not just the occasional nick or cut, or the hassle of keeping fresh razors and shaving gel, or the time it takes, or the prospect of razor burn (I could go on!), but the fact that the hair always seems to grow back so fast. Shaving only cuts hair off at the skin’s surface, meaning that another wave is ready to poke out right away – sometimes as soon as one steps out of the shower! Fortunately, there are two great alternatives: waxing and laser hair removal.


Waxing is a half-step between shaving and the more permanent solution of laser hair removal. It is convenient, efficient and affordable. Because it draws hair out by the root, your skin is smooth and stubble-free. Waxing can eliminate hair for 2 to 3 weeks. Think of all the time and hassle that can save you.

Waxing offers additional benefits as well. For example, in addition to removing hair, waxing also exfoliates the top layer of skin, removing dry, dead cells that can dull the skin’s appearance. Waxing means you don’t have to deal with annoying cuts or skin irritation caused by razors. Hair removal is complete – no more missed patches in areas with difficult angles. And, perhaps the biggest benefit is that, after a few waxing sessions, your hair grows back more slowly and more finely than with shaving!

Painless Laser Hair Removal with Luxea

For a more permanent hair-removal solution, many patients opt for laser treatment. While it costs more than shaving or waxing, the long-term results and amount of time and hassle it saves make it very worthwhile for many people.

Laser hair removal works by targeting the hair follicles in the treatment area, which prevents or significantly delays hair regrowth. Initial hair removal from an area typically requires several sessions and, sometimes, occasional maintenance sessions later on. Whether or not any of the hair ever grows back depends on the individual person and is impossible to predict. When done correctly, however, laser treatment can be a long-lasting hair-removal solution.

But…does it hurt?

Pain and hair removal seem to go hand-in-hand. Shaving has its painful aspects, and I won’t pretend that waxing is completely painless (though, we can discuss ways to make the process less painful!).

For laser hair removal treatments, we use the Luxea laser, an advanced technology that is simultaneously powerful and cooling, and designed to meet the highest standards of patient safety and comfort. Luxea offers painless hair removal from essentially any area of the body. Aside from its effectiveness, this is the aspect of Luxea that our patients love the most – and who wouldn’t?

If you are ready to recycle the razors and shaving gel, then I hope you’ll schedule an appointment with me to discuss laser hair removal. We’ll assess your needs, talk through any questions, and determine which option is the best fit.