Aesthetic Treatments During COVID

We all have so many big concerns on our minds these days. So, it’s understandable that keeping up with aesthetic treatments like BOTOX® or dermal fillers isn’t super high on the priority list. I wanted to share why I think that it is worth maintaining your aesthetic regimen. I also want to explain what we’re doing at Artemis Colorado to keep patients safe. My intent is to provide a professional perspective on these questions and ease any anxiety you might be feeling about scheduling an appointment.

Why Maintain Aesthetic Treatments During COVID?

On the one hand, keeping up with your injectables is very practical. You’ve already invested time and money in creating a look you love. Now that clinics are again offering treatments, it just makes sense to maintain your schedule. (Of course, that doesn’t necessarily mean going to the extreme of drive-through BOTOX®! ????) Treatments like BOTOX® not only smooth skin upon application, but they also prevent wrinkles and lines from forming. While the muscles are relaxed, they aren’t as responsive to facial movements. This delays the aging process. All that said, I don’t want you to feel unnecessary pressure. Nothing terrible will happen if you completely stop treatment. Your appearance will just return to what it was before you started and you can start up again at a later time.

However, I think that there is one often overlooked but important reason for visiting your aesthetician. Receiving treatment helps combat the stress brought on by these unprecedented times. The self-esteem boost you get from looking in the mirror and seeing the face you love feels great. It’s also nice to interact one-on-one with another person. We could all use a little pampering these days! ???? I know that I always feel better after visiting with my patients, and I get a boost from seeing them leave happy. So, if you’ve been feeling a little low, returning to your regular injectable appointments might give you a well-needed boost for a number of reasons. (Or, try a relaxing facial!)

Is it Safe?

As a medical professional, my priority is keeping my patients (and myself and my family) safe. At Artemis we are taking every precaution to ensure your safety. This includes: temperature screenings at the door, strictly limiting the number of patients in the building at any time, sanitizing all surfaces before and each patient visit, and of course wearing masks. During a procedure, you can, of course, remove your mask, but I will keep mine on. These measures enable me to safely continue seeing patients and helping them look and feel their best. You can read more about our safety procedures on our blog “Artemis is reopening and putting patient safety first”.

So, is starting or continuing aesthetic treatments during COVID worth it? In my opinion, it is! If you have questions or concerns, or want to get on the calendar, give us a call. You can also get in touch through our online contact form now. I am looking forward to seeing you at our Westminster office soon.